Rose Quartz Chandelier Earring Lotus 22K Gold Plated Indian Jewelry

These pretty lotus chandelier earrings featuring delicate milky rose quartz drops embody beauty and also a profound message - a reminder that, like the lotus that blooms from the mud, our lives too can find sweetness and love amidst challenges.

The milky rose quartz exudes a gentle and nurturing energy, making these earrings not just an accessory but a symbol of resilience and love. Embrace the elegance of our lotus chandelier earrings and carry with you a reminder that even in life's murkiest moments, beauty can still bloom.

 Details: ER1922

  • Milky rose quartz
  • Gold fill earring wire
  • 22k gold plate
  • Lotus filigree 
  • Made to bring many blessings
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