Good Fortune & Blessings

Q&A With Joel

“My go-to mantra is “Guru Guru, Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru” This mantra is to have prayers answered.

When I am feeling stuck, not sure how to proceed, I will start chanting this or make sure to keep this playing 24/7 in the background so that my subconscious mind is absorbing this.”

“Healing. That’s it. Simple. Just healing. Well, maybe joy too!

I love seeing people stand at my pop up events and look at everything and feel something. They are feeling good, feeling joy, feeling happiness, feeling, feeling, feeling.”

"I was at a place where I needed to live my truth and be Divinely aligned in my life. It happened organically. I wasn’t trying to start anything. I pulled out gemstones and beads I’ve collected over the years, started to put things together, and discovered how much I enjoyed being in my creativity, making jewelry. Took some photos and posted them on social my surprise, it took off. People were messaging me for the pieces I’d post or asking for custom orders.”