Q&A With Joel

“My go-to mantra is “Guru Guru, Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru” This mantra is to have prayers answered.

When I am feeling stuck, not sure how to proceed, I will start chanting this or make sure to keep this playing 24/7 in the background so that my subconscious mind is absorbing this.”

“Many Blessings!"

"I love seeing people at my pop up events looking at all of my jewelry collections, or when they receive their new custom DSJ piece, I notice how their energy shifts.

The feels are happening, big smiles, tears of joy, happiness, gratitude, it's so beautiful to witness and is also very humbling.

I truly love what I do and feel so grateful that I can, and to know that what I offer to the world, is a small contribution to their joy and happiness."

"I started my jewelry business because I wanted to live my truth and be aligned with the divine. I have 20 years of experience in luxury jewelry and 28 years of studying yoga and meditation, and deep knowledge of metaphysics.

I also love being creative, I saw the potential to merge my backgrounds and create sacred, healing pieces that embody quality and luxury.

With strong connections in the gem world and relationships with talented jewelry craftsmen in LA, everything just fell into place and felt like I was finally living in alignment."

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