Fossil Coral Mala Prayer Bead Necklace with Ganesha

Wearing a Coral Fossil necklace with a Ganesha sitting in a temple pendant combines the energies of ancient wisdom and divine guidance. Coral Fossil, formed over thousands of years, embodies grounding and protective qualities, promoting stability and emotional balance. Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, represents wisdom and prosperity, guiding us on our spiritual journey. Together, they create a powerful combination that brings strength, abundance, and the ability to overcome challenges.

This unique pendant inspires resilience, inner peace, and a deep connection with divine blessings. By wearing the Coral Fossil necklace with the Ganesha sitting in a temple pendant, individuals can experience enhanced wisdom, prosperity, and a clear path towards their goals.

Details: BNK2300

  • Fossil Coral beads
  • 6mm
  • Ganesha amulet - silver
  • Length 25"
  • Made to bring many blessings
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