Elephant 14K Charm Rose Quartz Beaded Stretch Bracelet

The Rose quartz beaded bracelet with an elephant charm is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry. Rose quartz is a stone of love and compassion that promotes inner peace and emotional healing. Its gentle energy is perfect for promoting a sense of harmony and connection in your daily life.

The elephant charm on the bracelet is also significant, as its upward-pointing trunk represents good fortune, positive energy, and prosperity. It serves as a powerful reminder of your own inner strength and resilience, promoting feelings of confidence and courage.

Together, the rose quartz beads and elephant charm can enhance your personal style while also promoting a sense of well-being and positive energy. This bracelet is easy to wear every day and looks great stacked with other jewelry, making it a versatile and essential addition to your collection.

Details: DFBR2150

  • Rose quartz
  • 6mm beads
  • Elephant signature charm
  • 14k gold
  • Size 6
  • Made to bring joy, positivity and love.
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