Vedic Pearl Rudraksha Mala Prayer Bead Necklace With Tassel

Pearls are infused with divine energy through their connection to water and promote emotional growth and purity. By wearing pearls, you can deepen your connection to the divine and experience emotional healing and purification.

Rudraksha beads are also known for their spiritual significance and ability to change the karma of the wearer. They can help guide you towards the path of truth and purpose, making spiritual progress easier and more effortless.

Together, pearls and Rudraksha beads create a harmonious balance of emotional and spiritual healing. Whether used for meditation or worn as a reminder of your spiritual journey, our mala prayer bead necklace can help bring peace, clarity, and purpose to your life.

Details: M2144

  • 108 bead mala
  • Fresh water pearls
  • Rudraksha beads
  • Hematite Guru bead
  • Gold plate accent beads
  • 22k gold plate cap
  • White silk tassel 
  • Made to  bring you the healing and spiritual connection you're seeking.