Angel Number 11:11 Clear Quartz Crystal 14K Necklace

The Angel Number 11:11 Necklace blends clear quartz and 14k gold for intentional spirituality.

Angel number 11:11 signifies spiritual guidance and awakening. It's an invitation to your divine purpose. This number resonates with intuition and divine communication. Seeing 11:11 repeatedly suggests the angels are reaching out, urging you to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

Clear quartz, a Master Healer, magnifies intent. Gold, embodying the Sun's energy, fuels growth. The fusion forms an impactful accessory.

The Angel Number 11:11 Necklace fuels spiritual growth. Wear it to align with your intuition and embrace the angels' message. Elevate your energy and draw divine guidance with this remarkable necklace.


Details: DFNK1957

  • Clear quartz 
  • Angel number 11:11
  • Hand inscribed
  • 14k 
  • Length adjustable 16”-18"
  • Made to bring many blessings
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