Angel Manifesting Number 888 Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace with Hamsa

The clear quartz with the hand-etched angel manifesting number 888 signifies abundance. It's a message from the angels that each of us has access to the universe's abundance, and the angels can assist us in attracting more abundance into various areas of our lives, such as romance, career, or health. It is also a signal to remain open to abundance in whatever form it presents itself. If you possess an abundance of anything — love, time, or money — share it generously, and that same abundance will return to you.

The hamsa is a symbol of protection, while the celestial etchings of the sun, moon, and stars act as a roadmap for living in Divine flow and manifesting your intentions.

Details: NK2371

  • Clear Quartz
  • Hand eched
  • Angel Number 888
  • Hamsa
  • Sun, moon and stars
  • Cotton cord
  • Adjustable length with slip knots
  • Made to bring many blessings
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