Angel Number 444 Clear Quartz Crystal 14K Necklace

The Angel Number 444 Necklace is a powerful tool for manifestation and grounding. This necklace features clear quartz and 14k gold, ideal for intentional living.

Angel number 444 signifies divine support, tied to stability and practicality. When seen repeatedly, it's a sign to trust your abilities and take steps towards your goals.

Clear quartz amplifies energies, perfect for manifestation. Gold stimulates growth, perfect for energetic jewelry.

The Angel Number 444 Necklace is more of a talisman; it's a conduit for grounding and manifestation. Wear it for celestial support and inner stability. Meditate with it to boost your manifestations and practical abilities.

Elevate your vibration with the Angel Number 444 Necklace, attracting divine guidance and stability. Manifest aspirations with this influential necklace. 


Details: DFNK1956

  • Clear quartz
  • Angel number 444
  • Hand inscribed
  • 14k
  • Length adjustable 16”-18”
  • Made to bring many blessings 
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