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Amazonite Cherry Quartz Mala Prayer Bead Necklace

Experience serenity and love with our handcrafted Amazonite Cherry Quartz Mala. Each bead is carefully chosen to create a powerful tool for meditation and intention setting. Crafted from genuine Amazonite and Cherry Quartz, this mala offers more than just jewelry – it's a sacred companion on your spiritual journey. With 108 beads, it guides you towards inner balance and tranquility. Whether worn for devotion or meditation, our mala radiates beauty, serenity, and love, enveloping you in positivity and empowerment.


  • Amazonite nuggets
  • Gold plate beads
  • Cherry Quartz
  • 22k gold plate cap
  • Silk tassel
  • Triple knots
  • Made to bring many blessings

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