Shungite Crystal Necklace Ganesha Amulet Pendant with Ganpati Bells

This one-ok-a-kind shungite, onyx, and Ganesha necklace is a powerful way to enhance spiritual growth, protection, and healing.

Shungite absorbs negative energies, onyx promotes inner strength, and Ganesha removes obstacles and brings blessings. Ganpati bells symbolize the sound of the universe and help remove negativity.

Together, this combination clears the path for spiritual growth and provides security. Whether enhancing your spiritual practice or seeking positivity, wearing this necklace can deeply connect you with these energies. 

Details: NK2274

  • Shungite matte cylinder tube beads
  • Onyx connecter
  • Sterling silver saucers
  • Sterling Silver Ganesha Amulet Pendant
  • Ganpati bells
  • Made to bring protection, healing and blessings.
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