Clear Quartz Angel Number 'Love' Crystal Necklace

Gorgeous 14k gold adjustable length necklace with a double terminated clear quartz, with hand inscription LOVE. Love being the highest vibration, combined with clear quartz the amplifier and 14k gold make for a potent cocktail for intentional living, creating and manifesting the life you want to live.

Clear Quartz is known as a Master Healer Stone, it amplifies any energy or intention, holds information, and is very effective to use when it has been programmed for a specific purpose. Which makes an excellent ally in healing and prayer work.

Gold carries the energy of the Sun, stimulating one to grow and stretch beyond one’s current experiences. It’s the best metal for energetically active jewelry, as it revitalizes one’s physical energies and magnifies the power of the gemstone or crystal.

Love is the highest vibration. Love heals everything.


  • Clear Quartz
  • Hand inscribed LOVE
  • 14k gold
  • Chain length adjustable 18”-16”
  • Made to bring divine love and blessings to the wearer
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