February 07, 2024 3 min read

Living a Dharmic spiritual path isn’t all peace, love, and happiness; it definitely has its challenges. In fact, life itself is inherently challenging, whether one claims to be spiritual or not. The distinction lies in claiming to live a spiritual, Dharmic life, which carries significant energy around it. It’s akin to taking an oath to the universe, requiring one to live within certain bounds. This demands courage, commitment, fearlessness, surrender, and faith. Past-life karmas are carried into this lifetime to work through, along with what has been accumulated in this life, all aimed at liberation. So, when you take that last breath, you find complete peace, filled with love, leaving with no regrets, knowing you’ve done everything you can to break the cycle of saṃsāra.



As we navigate this intricate journey of spiritual growth and face the challenges it brings, it’s crucial to recognize that our commitment to a spiritual path involves more than just personal well-being. This journey extends beyond our current lifetime, involving the resolution of past-life karmas that manifest as patterns within ourselves, our relationships, and every situation we find ourselves in. Life isn’t happening to us; life is happening. So, claiming to live spiritually, being conscious in the world carries weight. Being aware of the karmas at play, the recurring patterns, seeing yourself as the common denominator in every relationship and every aspect of your life’s script, takes courage, fearlessness, surrender, and humility to break the cycle of saṃsāra.


3 simple things you can start to  implement into your life to release yourself from the cycle of saṃsāra:


1. Meditation: Regular meditation practice allows you to cultivate mindfulness and awareness, it helps you to become aware, observe and understand the patterns of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that contribute to the cycle of saṃsāra. Through meditation, you can develop the ability to detach from these patterns and cultivate inner peace and liberation.



2. Self-Inquiry: Engaging in self-inquiry practices, such as introspection, journaling, or contemplation, encourages you to investigate your beliefs, desires, and attachments. By asking yourself questions about who you really are and thinking about how things in the world don't last forever or may not be as they seem, you can start to let go of your ego and break free from the cycle of saṃsāra.



3. Karma Yoga: Practicing karma yoga, or selfless service, involves actions with detachment from the fruits of the actions. Focus on helping others and doing what you believe is right and fair, is a way you can purify your karma and gradually free yourself from the cycle of saṃsāra. Through selfless service, you can cultivate humility, compassion, and devotion, leading closer to liberation.



Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey with Vedic-Jyotish Astrology



Applying meditation, self-inquiry, and karma yoga in your life will bring you closer to liberation. However, in our fast-paced world where attention spans are short, I recommend consulting with a Vedic-Jyotish Astrologer to accelerate your journey. By analyzing your birth chart, this type of astrologer can identify the karmas at play and guide you on a fast track to transcending the cycle of saṃsāra, providing you with very specific remedies tailored to your birth chart for effective results. 

If this interests you, feel free to message me. I can be a resource and guide you in a direction that supports your journey.

Infinite Blessings,

Darshan - Joel