Darshan Sacred Jewelry inspires, uplifts and elevates the spirit, using high-vibrational gemstones that carry high frequency light codes. The more often you wear your  Sacred Jewelry, the positive energy attributes of the gemstones build and stay in your auric field, giving you an energetic shift bringing unlimited blessings.

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Meet the designer

and her bestie, Fedor

Darshan Sacred Jewelry designer, Joel Ingwaldson has a long and rich history working in the jewelry industry. As part of her spiritual journey, she spent many years studying the healing and vibrational properties of gemstones and metals.

Each piece is made with high vibrational gemstones, designed within a crystal grid and with sound current (naad) playing in the background for 20 + years then put into production for assembly in sync with the cycles of the moon to bring blessings to the wearer.