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Tanzanite Pear Shape Pendant I Birthstone Necklace I 14K Yellow Gold I Bezel Setting


Tanzanite aligns the heart and mind, allowing for a more balanced, centered experience of spirituality. It helps one to feel more compassionate, loving and centered.

“My mind and heart meet again, like reunited lovers, and I enter their spiral dance of joy.”

 Details: DFNK2039

  • 4.50ct (12x8mm) Tanzanite

  • Cabochon pear shape

  • 14k yellow gold 

  • Length 16”-18”

 Gorgeous tear drop (pear shape) Tanzanite gemstone. Set in a solid 14k yellow gold bezel, attached to an adjustable length chain 16”-18”. The bezel is open on the back side, so the Tanzanite touches the skin.

This stone was set on an auspicious day to bring many blessings to the wearer.

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