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Shungite Diamond Our Lady of Guadalupe Amulet Pendant Crystal Necklace

Wearing a combination of shungite, onyx, and Lady of Guadalupe can have a variety of positive effects. Shungite is said to help absorb and neutralize negative energies, while onyx is believed to promote inner strength and endurance. Lady of Guadalupe, a religious symbol revered by many, is thought to represent love, compassion, miracles and protection.

Together, in this necklace is a powerful combination for promoting spiritual growth, protection, and healing.

Details: NK2256

  • Shungite matte cylinder tube beads
  • Diamond .40ct total weight
  • Onyx connector
  • Sterling silver saucers
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Pendant sterling silver
  • Sterling silver sailor clasp
  • Neck length 18.5" + pendant = 24"
  • Made to bring healing and protection.

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