Rose Quartz Pearl Mala Prayer Bead Necklace

Love + Grace

Rose quartz carries unconditional love and a joyful energy. It naturally radiates its love energy into its surroundings, helping the wearer and those nearby.

“As I give love to others, I receive love in gratitude.”

Pearl is infused with Divine connection through water and symbolize’s emotional growth and purity.

“I am honest with my feelings, and in Grace, I allow my emotions to flow and purify.”

Details: M2143

  • 108 bead mala yoga necklace

  • 8mm rose quartz

  • 8-9mm white pearls

  • 22k gold plate flower accent 

  • Matte gold hematite Guru bead

  • 22k gold plate cap

  • Silk tassel

  • Length approx 40”

Need a little more love and grace in your life? Start wearing and using this gorgeous mala in your meditation practice! The tassel is a reminder to sweep away all your worries and woes, and trust that the Divine has your back.

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