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Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Necklace I Birthstone Pendant I 14k Yellow Gold


Rose quartz carries unconditional love and joyful energy. It naturally radiates its love energy into its surroundings, helping the wearer and those nearby.

“As I give love to others, I receive love in gratitude.”

 Details: DFNK2036

  • 6ct Rose Quartz

  • Rose cut oval shape

  • Solid 14K yellow gold bezel

  • 14K chain

  • Length: adjustable 16”-18”

 It must be LOVE. This gorgeous rose quartz necklace holds the sweetest vibration of love. Love is the highest vibration, love heals everything.

The rose quartz is set low to touch your skin, and was set on an auspicious day to usher in many blessings.

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