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Aquamarine Lotus Chandelier Earrings

We Love these enchanting Lotus Flower Filigree Earrings adorned with delicate Aquamarine drops. Just as the lotus rises from the mud to blossom in beauty, these earrings symbolize your own journey of growth and transformation.

The serene Aquamarine drops add a touch of tranquil blue, reminding you of calming waters and inner peace. As you wear these earrings, envision the lotus opening its petals to embrace the light, and let the Aquamarine's soothing energy wash over you, carrying away stress and bringing clarity. It's like carrying a piece of serene nature wherever you go.

Details: ER1885

  • Aquamarine
  • 22k gold plate filigree lotus chandelier
  • Gold fill ear wire
  • Made  to bring  many blessings

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