Astrological Gem Red Coral Ganesha Mala Prayer Bead Necklace

In Vedic astrology, donning red coral for Mars yields robust support. This gem fuels vitality, passion, and courage. It heightens physical and mental strength, fostering confidence and leadership skills.

This prayer bead necklace, coupling red coral with the Ganesha symbol, becomes a Vedic talisman honoring Mars, channeling strength to conquer obstacles and materialize ambitions.

Wear this prayer bead necklace as a shield and guide, harmonizing your being with cosmic forces. Allow the red coral and Ganesha's influence to steer your journey and realize your aspirations.

Details:  PB2283

  • Red coral carved Ganesha
  • Red coral prayer beads
  • Gold plate 
  • Length adjustable 20"-24"
  • Made to bring blessings
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