Handcrafted Vedic Moonstone Crystal Necklace

In Vedic astrology, Moonstone is associated with the Moon and is believed to enhance emotional balance, intuition, and self-awareness. As the Moon governs aspects such as emotions and the subconscious mind, wearing this necklace can help the wearer tap into these energies and bring inner peace and harmony.

In addition to its emotional and physical benefits, the 14k gold Vedic moonstone necklace can also enhance relationships and social status, help to overcome obstacles and difficulties, and enhance intuition and psychic abilities. This versatile and powerful gemstone is an excellent addition to anyone's jewelry collection and a thoughtful gift for someone special.


Details: DFNK2229

  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • 8mm round
  • 14k white gold
  • Length adjustable 18"-17"
  • Set low to touch
  • Made to bring many blessings
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