Astrological Gem Hessonite Beaded 14K Necklace With Om Diamond Pendant

Experience cosmic harmony with our Hessonite Beaded Necklace. Crafted with a 14k gold clasp and an Om pendant adorned with diamonds, it channels the essence of Hessonite and the sacred Om symbol.

Magnifying Rahu's positive influence, it fosters balance and alignment for success and fulfillment. Beyond astrology, it brings prosperity, stature, and focus.

Wear it to sync with cosmic rhythms, embrace higher truths, and empower your celestial journey.

Details: DFBN2248

  • Hessonite
  • 4mm faceted beads
  • 14k Clasp
  • Om amulet
  • Diamonds
  • Length 16"
  • Made to bring many blessings
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