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Ganesha 7-Day Intentional Candle

The 7-Day intentional candle with the image of Ganesha is often used to bring peace and luck.

By lighting the candle, it is said to be a way of removing obstacles, creating prosperity, abundance for the family and to honor the beloved Ganesha.

This is a devotional ritual of honoring Ganesha, inviting endless blessings, protection  and success while illuminating your sacred space.

When lit (especially at night) the image lights up and glows from within. 

My favorite is, when the candle is complete, I fill the empty glass jar with rice and use it as an incense holder. 

Details: C2245

  • Soy/vegetable wax blend
  • Ganesha image with crystals
  • 8" tall glass container
  • 2.5" l  x  2.5" w  x  8" h
  • Burn time is approximately 100 hours
  • Recyclable glass container
  • All elements are completely non-toxic
  • Lead free, 100% cotton wick

For best results, always burn the candle long enough for the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the glass before blowing out.

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