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Elephant Charm 14K Necklace Yellow Gold

Wearing the Darshan elephant charm necklace brings forth positive energy, luck, and prosperity into your life. The elephant's trunk pointing upward symbolize's the invitation of blessings and good fortune.

The charm's unique design is crafted to usher in joyous blessings while uplifting your energy with its positive presence. The elephant is a sacred animal known to bring good luck and fortune in many cultures, and wearing this charm helps to harness this energy and bring it into your life.

With the Darshan elephant charm necklace , you can feel a sense of spiritual connection and protection, reminding you that you are divinely supported. Wear it daily to invite positive vibrations into your life, and allow the charm to bring you a sense of joy, abundance, and prosperity.

 Details: DFNK2088

  • Darshan elephant charm
  • 14k gold
  • Chain length: adjustable 17”-18”
  • Made to bring joy, abundance and prosperity.

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