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Elephant Luxe Charm Bracelet | 14K Yellow Gold | Clear Quartz Beaded Stretch

This Darshan  elephant bracelet features a clear quartz beads and 14k gold elephant charm. Clear quartz is known as a master healer stone, capable of amplifying energy and intentions while holding information. This makes it a powerful ally for healing and prayer work.

The elephant charm on the bracelet is also significant, as its trunk pointing upward represents good fortune, positive energy, and prosperity.

Together, the clear quartz and elephant charm on the Darshan elephant bracelet make a meaningful accessory that can bring joy, positivity, and healing to your daily life.

It serves as a reminder of your inner strength and resilience, promoting a sense of well-being and positive energy. 

Details: DFBR2133

  • Clear quartz
  • 6mm beads
  • 14k Darshan signature elephant
  • Size 6.5"
  • Made to bring joy, positivity and strength.

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