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Handcrafted Vedic Emerald Necklace

In Vedic astrology, the gemstone for the planet Mercury is an Emerald.Wearing a Vedic emerald gemstone helps to improve memory, increase focus and concentration, bring peace of mind and mental clarity, stimulate creativity and intuitive thinking, as well as make a person act more efficiently and quickly.

Emeralds also help to boost financial gains, sharpen analytical skills, attract success, good luck and fortune.

The best place to wear an emerald is on the pinkie finger, but if you tend to be hard on your jewelry, then wearing the Vedic emerald in a pendant might be best, as its a softer stone.

Details: DFNK2114

  • Zambian emerald oval
  • 2.30c
  • 14k gold
  • Length adjustable 18”-17”
  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles
  • Made to bring many blessings

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