Diamond & Tourmaline Crystal Necklace 18k

This exquisite 18k pendant necklace blends the serene clarity of a rose-cut diamond with the deep, passionate hues of pink tourmaline. The diamond, known for enhancing mental clarity and focus, offers a tranquil anchor for your mindfulness practices. It amplifies the energies of the tourmaline, which resonates with the heart chakra, nurturing love and compassion. This vibrant tourmaline also invigorates your passion for life, bringing vitality and purpose. Its deep hues reach beyond the heart chakra, connecting with higher energies, facilitating spiritual growth and inner transformation. Together, these stones weave a harmonious tapestry of healing benefits, supporting your well-being and spiritual journey.


  • Diamond - rose cut
  • Tourmaline - tear drop
  • 18k  
  • Length 18"
  • Made to bring many blessings
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