Jyotish Emerald Necklace | Vedic Basket Pendant | 14K Yellow Gold Chain


Traditionally Emeralds have been used to stimulate both wealth and abundance. Emeralds help by removing thoughts and feelings of unworthiness from one’s energy field. When these blocks are removed, wealth can naturally develop if desired.

Emeralds also improves mental energy, communication, expression, what you are putting out into the world, through your heart chakra. Emeralds represent the positive aspects of Mercury.

Details: DFNK2198

  • Zambian Emerald

  • 2.57ct

  • Oval Shape

  • 14k four prong setting

  • 14k rolo chain

  • Length adjustable 18”-17”

Need a boost in finances? Need to better your communication skills? Start wearing this gorgeous solitaire necklace, allow the flow to happen!

The emerald sits low to touch, and was set on an auspicious day to bring many blessings.

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