My love affair with gemstones began in 1995 when I started to manage a jewelry store in Los Angeles. It was then, that I noticed I was drawn to different gemstones. My jewelry career was just beginning, I had meetings with various gemstone dealers and one in particular mentioned that he practiced Kundalini Yoga. Shortly after that meeting I walked into my first class, and Yogi Bhajan was teaching. I was in awe of his stature, grace and everything about him as well as the energy of the class. This was the beginning of my yoga practice. I also started to learn about the healing properties of gemstones and other types of healing modalities and never looked back. Over the last 20+ years I’ve deepened my meditation and yoga practice. I continued to work in the jewelry industry for many more years, yet was not been fully satisfied for different reasons, but I’ve sat in gratitude for the experiences.

With a background in design and manufacturing I’ve always custom made pieces for friends as a hobby. In the last few years I’ve finally taken notice of how much I enjoy designing and creating pieces. I’ve arrived at a place in my life where I can see that doing what I love as a hobby, I can actually do it full time and make a living. My small start up company, Darshan Sacred Jewelry is growing and blossoming in it’s own organic way. I feel blessed that I am doing what I love, and at the same time, I feel all the struggles a new start up goes through. I’m grateful to share with others my passion for, and knowledge of, healing with gemstones, as well as making jewelry that people enjoy, knowing that they are healing a part of themselves by wearing the pieces I design and create. I feel satisfied and blessed to know that what I love doing, somehow helps another on their journey through life.