My Yogamint Articles

Timeless wisdom served up in easily digestible portions, designed to freshen your day and enrich your life.

The Raj Stone Rubies for health and abundance...It's an old adage that as long as you have a bit of ruby, wealth will never leave more 

The Eastern Diamond the green energy of Jade...An old Chinese legend tells of an ancient King who, falling deathly ill, was cured by wearing a Jade more 

The Seafarer Talisman relax with Aquamarine...Lose your concerns with this green and blue ocean, releasing fear and anxiety to the Sea Goddess and replacing your old beliefs with blissful knowledge and more

The Pharaoh's Power Stone mighty Malachite...Malachite has a long history with Egyptian culture, going back as far as 4000 more

Hello Yellow Sapphires for wellbeing...The yellow sapphire is the helper of the Hindi god Ganesha. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, in moving things out of the way, he also brings prosperity to the more

The Mother Stone Pearls for perception...Pearls are sometimes called the teardrops of the moon, as they naturally carry calming, peaceful energy of the sea, and they are very more   

The Goddess Peridot gem of the sun...When Hawaiian natives first discovered Peridot in the black sands of volcanoes, they believed the clear, green gemstones were the tears of the Volcano Goddess more 

The Healers Stone Emeralds for compassion...Emeralds are a symbol of love and good fortune. It's said that if a man and woman present each other with an Emerald stone their love grows over time and becomes more 

Royal Diamonds gems of purity and light...Since ancient times, Diamonds were believed to exert favorable influence on the owner, providing strength, courage and more

Heaven-Sent Stone regal Blue Sapphire...It's believed that Mosses was given the Ten Commandments on a plate made out of sapphire, which makes this sapphire the most sanctified of all semi-precious and precious more 

Romancing the Stone heart centered Sugilite...Show some love for Sugilite - a brilliant gemstone that opens and centers your heart chakra and balances and realigns all the other more  

 Glow with Garnet gemstone of prosperity...Garnets are the quintessential stone of prosperity, used to manifest abundant wealth and income for millennia in cultures around the more