Our growing list of friends

We support  non-profits, local businesses, gifted healers and amazing organizations that make a positive impact in their local neighborhood and around the globe.

Please take a minute to visit these websites by clicking the name or anything in a darker font, and support whenever possible.

Whole Body Method hands down, the BEST classical Pilates studios in Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Magazine gave WBM the BEST of LA2011. WBM has three incredible studios along with the Whole Body Method University certification program. Go ahead, Yelp them or just go to a class.

Hargopal is an amazing healer and facilitator of Family Constellations. She has a private healing practice based in Los Angeles, is available for remote sessions, and teaches throughout the USA and Canada.

Nicole is a soul coach, educator, writer, and creator of Karmic Soul Investigation. For the last fifteen years, she's had a full practice, offering private sessions by word of mouth and holding invitation-only workshops in southern California. Her International and ecletic clientele base enjoys her sense of humor, compassion and down to earth practical approach.

Yoga West is the home of Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga. This was Yoga Bhajan's only yoga studio. He taught here weekly and I am forever grateful to him and his teachings. Walking into the studio today, you can still feel his presence, its pretty magical. There are amazing teachers, classes, workshops, teacher trainings and you can also find SacredBauble Jewelry in the boutique! 

Khalsa Healthcare Dr Hari Bhajan is the BEST Chiropractor and so much more. I've been a patient of his for nearly 20 years and he treats my dog Fedor. We go every week, and Fedor absolutely loves going for his treatment.